Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Me - The Swing Voter

OVERFLOATER just read a conservative op-ed piece knocking Rudy Giuliani and his approach at compromising over divisive issues, namely abortion.

Giuliani was quoted at a Houston fundraiser saying, "If we don't find a way of uniting around broad principles that will appeal to a large segment of this country...we are going to lose this election." He sounds like a New Yorker. New Yorkers have long been faced with hordes of immigrants, long has experience dealing with poverty, crime while also establishing the extent of culture, art, science in the Free World. New York is an international hub, the financial capital of the world. Giuliani has experience running the greatest show on Earth, and some say he will go down as one of New York's greatest mayors. He has taken on some monumental challenges in his political career, including near-miracles of cleaning up NYC crime and taking down the Mob. He put John Gotti in prison.

I will never , ever forget watching the September 11th attacks live on television with my grandmother in her New Jersey home. Giuliani was caught on camera numerous times demonstrating on-the-street leadership. Running towards the burning towers, establishing command on the scene, afraid yet unafraid.

I hate the Republican Party religous platform. But I would seriously consider voting for that guy. Giuliani broadens the appeal of the Republicans, blending economic conservatism with social progression. His pro-choice stance is being raged upon by the Grand Old Party's extremists (who are no less dangerous or grandiose than our current Islamic extremist antagonists) who want to view everything through the Bible.

We all agree the Ten Commandments are good themes to live by. But are these people are blind when they call for war, but then rail on abortion? Support the death penalty but oppose abortion by rationalizing an unlived life MIGHT have been better than a current criminal one?

Giuliani also supports gay rights and stronger gun control. He is definitely keen on important environmental laws and is intimately aware of the colliding interests of big business and Mother Nature.

I think gay rights is kind of a good thing. It will help overall social health. I think that gay people are born that way regardless of environment. Research suggests brain wiring. Let them work and pay taxes and pull the social yoke like the rest of us.

And fuck yeah to stronger gun control.

And I think the greatest pull Giuliani would have on me, the independent, unaffiliated voter -
The War On Terror.

I would not want to be a terrorist with Rudy Giuliani in office. What that guy would do with four branches of armed forces. I think working with the New York City Police Department was a good runner-up type of experience for him. It is rife with politics and corruption.

Granted, he will go a little on the police state side, but I think if you are not plotting to destroy this country than you flat out have nothing to worry about. I don't see stepped up security as a problem for me.

And the conservative wing of the Republicans are going to screw it up for him. If they go with a candidate more friendly with the right wing, then I think that the Republicans will lose to Hillary.

I think that the Republican-elected Giuliani would eventually work with the Democrat-controlled House and Senate. probably there would be a year of deadlock while they are working things out, but I think Giuliani has that maverick streak, hopefully (and I mean hopefully) he won't cowtow to big business.

I don't see any real way out of this Iraq business, but I'd be willing to give Rudy a shot just as much as anyone. Plus, an Italian President! 50% of me is rooting for him right there.

We are still a long, long way away. And I am sure the campaigns are going to be brutal. But I never thought I would consider voting for a Republican.

Giuliani might swing me.


Head that is not real said...

For the record, Guiliani didn't put John Gotti in prison. The cheating, lying, overbearing feds did. Unless Guiliani was the US Attorney who prosecuted Gotti, then Guiliani didn't put him in prison.

That aside, I would vote for Giuliani if he were running against Hillary. I don't like Hillary at all, she is a liar and a fraud. I don't know much about Obama, and I'll learn in the next few months. I'd be surprised if the country is ready for either a black or a female president. Something tells me, deep down, (and sadly), they are not. We'll see how it all shakes out after the primaries. Fuck the religious right. Although, at least they haven't gone Muslim on us and started walking into abortion clinics with bombs strapped to them. (Granted, shooting doctors is close, but they haven't killed any innocent women (yet)).

The world is fucked, let's face it. I think we need to deal with the fucking enviornment before it's too late. Fucking January of '08 is too late. 10 years ago was too late. We are so fucked and it's bullshit, because it's my kid that is going to have to deal with all the mess we created, and it's not fucking fair. I pray that people who know and understand technology can step the fuck up come up with some viable alt-fuel ideas stat. Once the Bush man gets out of office maybe the government can admit that we don't need oil.

Forget it, I can't think about it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Figgythemick said...

It's allright there Faker. The Big Picture can get overwhelming some times.

Environment is my number one issue. If that were our number one priority as a nation, than we would just leave those crazy fuckers in the desert alone. Let them go back to just killing each other. If we don't need the oil under there, we flat out would not be there at all.

Man, I know this is propaganda, but I saw a video on CNN.com where a 17-year old Kurdish girl fell for a guy of a different religion. And this mob of men grabbed her, flung her on the street and stoned her to death. Her face was pulp. I guess they use big rocks too. How primitive is that? That's some caveman shit right there. The media is definitely trying to create a cultural war right now and that's scary.