Wednesday, February 14, 2007

musuings on finding yourself in travel

In the green, in the green
give me my morning steam
We wit tha no work
just find that morning perk
instead of coffee bean drain
we'll sit amid the spacers plain
as this nose on my face
as not really knowing my place
in this keep-turning world
nostalgic memories unfurled
and down the carpet I strode
and these firing electrodes
of memory find me sweetly
when I reflect on them deeply

So anticipating my travel
every street will unravel
new stories, faces and imagined
loves that should've happened

From the beginning place I've come
and to an uncertainly outcome
be it craggy Colorado peak
or traffic-filled NJ street
be it a yet unseen foreign country
I just want it filled with pleasantry

And that, of course, is up to me
I decide to have it to be


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are looking forward to Europe Dude. You've never been, correct?

The Overfloater said...

Whoah, a comment!
No sir, I have never been and am greatly looking forward to it. Though except for a trip to a German airport, I'm not making it out of Amsterdam. Ask your brother B if he wants to come.
That co-star in Marscarfia would be a ball to chill with in that town too.
Hope all the K family is doing well. I will definitely be around for hopefully both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Buy my tickets this summer so its super cheap.