Saturday, February 17, 2007

in Denver walks a giant Russian doing security
by the name of Leo, his legend brews curiosity
as I hear accounts of him beating up Crips
and every time they come back with running lips
till they one day sent their Ajax, largest brute
fresh out the pen with the attitude to boot
that was until Leo literally smashed his face
with one punch, homey tragically learned his place
Crip took three steps back dead on his feet
nosebone into the brain he fell to the concrete
blood began to pour from his bashed head
as if a sledgehammer were wielded instead
but Big Leo's meathook was still cocked
and Crip's buddies were well beyond shocked
cause he was laying dead right in front of them
not a quiver traveled down his brain stem
one second full of fight, the next dead meat
one second a raging bull, the next just a heap
and ever since then Leo has been eating Crips
like his breakfast Wheaties, a bag of chips
all over town the little ganglords fear the Russian
big-talk steers turn to tailtucked fleeing mutton

get 'em all Leo for the late Darrent Williams


Anonymous said...

Good poem? Lyric? Not sure what you call it. Is that Leo guy for real?

Dude, those Denver players are dropping like flies. I hope none of their OL goes, or they are in trouble.

The Overfloater said...

Actually, yes, Leo is for real. This really hapened at one of our downtown clubs. He works security for all the high-profile clubs and he literally will run into some Crips every time. All these black dudes play basketball at my gym and they talk about him all the time. Real story, Leo punched a guy's nose into his brain and he was dead on his feet. Witnesses say he took three steps back and then blood just rushed out his nose and he fell down, dead. Leo had plenty of witnesses and it was in self-defense with one punch so the cops didn't arrest him.

About the Broncos, I know, 4% of our team has DIED since the last game.