Friday, March 9, 2007

Flower Power

Had a religious awakening in college years ago
I learned to take the sacrament, exhaling slow
and my mind opened like a blooming X-man power
and ideas shared with a friend over the course of an hour
could turn talk to action, an unusual beer bottle
into a legendary bong that for years friends it would throttle

The deceptively powerful Mississippi Mud
instrument of sacrifice for your bud
It was almost as if the Mud could hear us
and if it felt disrespected it wouldn't cuss
wouldn't shout, just knock motherfuckers out
and the ideas would soon downpour away doubt

It began as a plain white bowl-lamp on a drab ceiling
but the Mud bespoke, commanding a painting
and like Michelangelo worked on the Sistine Chapel
the flower project was then but an unbit apple

and we kept expanding the flower, it flowed over the walls
it changed the room dimensions, it required some balls
concentrating in the Mile High August heat of summer
my buddy passed out on his feet, but the room's a stunner

And at the end we were so filled by the Mud's thankful glee
that we desecrated the innocent image of Chef Boyardee
it' s funny still, and if you look closely at his hat
you will see the name of who made us do that


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Did you paint that on your ceiling.

Senor Fake said...

The answer is yes. He is pretty talented, and good poem too dude.

When are we allegedly going golfing?

Anonymous said...

I got your text Over. I hope not to be in the middle of a trial.

Oh, and one day, if I am invited on this site, I will post a blog about a great movie I rented called Stranger Than Fiction. I loved it, and Unruly (aka Will Ferrell) was awesome in it.