Monday, April 16, 2007

Dude, What the Fuck?

OVERFLOATER is becoming increasingly disturbed with the frequency and willingness of Americans to shoot, kill or wound each other when their life isn't working out the way they would like it.

This morning I was greeted with CNN headlines about the Virginia Tech campus getting shot up by some deranged gunman. 32 people are now dead and 29 more are injured. What the hell did this serve?

As of now there are not many details coming out, just that the gunman is dead after a 2+ hour crime spree. Some reports are commenting that the gunman was looking for his girlfriend, that when he couldn't find her he lined people up in one building and just shot them execution style. It is now nothing short of a massacre.

I think I speak for nearly everyone on the planet when I say I know what it is like to have your heart broken. To feel like you are plummeting down a bottomless abyss and life has become a lonely, aimless journey - to feel sadness and depression, to not be able to see a brighter day, especially in the wake of rejection from someone you loved very deeply.

But how in hell does killing innocent, unknown people sooth a seared soul? Does THAT get the girl? "Ooooh, Johnny just shot up campus and killed 20 people, I am sooooo attracted to him now! What was I thinking breaking up with him last weekend?"

Hmmmmm,... pretty fucking good asshole.

The question is now: "What is wrong with our society where we are starting to experience a half-dozen or so shootings a year?"
How have we become so disconnected from one another that a viable solution to the inner turmoil is to simply take out innocent bystanders? Where was the gunman's support structure, parents, friends, etc.? Did he never mention how hurt he was inside, or some of the violent urges in his head?

I recall clearly when I lost who I thought was my true love, Lisa Wohletz.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and when I first saw her it hit me like a bolt of lightning.
I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
Without question, there were mornings and days and nights where I felt like rolling over and dying. I couldn't understand how she could leave. I still don't. The answers have never arrived. The more I walked away from that day the less it stung. But I still feel it today.

I mean, just look at her! I thought that I had finally arrived at happiness in life. I thought all that struggle and uncertainty I had been through in my life were all leading up to her. New Jersey needed to push me away so I would wander out to Colorado and we could unite our kindred spirits.

Just look at these gorgeous lips, supple breasts!

Look at this perfect ass! What immaculate perfection!

Now, how could I possibly go on after her? Without her I felt like I was gutted and my insides were strewn all along the thousands of miles I've walked, away from her.

Did I feel like living? Nope.

But did I go and shoot up a shitload of perfect strangers because Lisa wouldn't give me what I wanted more than anything in the world? Nope.

It never even OCCURRED to me to hurt anyone else. So, what is going on with the rest of our society? Men and women break up everyday, hearts break everyday, they have since time immemorial, since cave days, since four-legged days, since amphibian days.

But only recently does it seem that the modern solution is the business end of a weapon. Here in Colorado, I believe I am on the front lines of domestic gun violence in America. Twice a month there is a story in the paper about some Colorado man whose relationship wasn't working out, so here are the few options in front of him:

A) Stick it out and work it out,

B) Divorce, or

C) Kill your wife, kids and yourself.

And unfortunately, the answer turns up C far too much. Is this new behavior? Or have these things always been going on and only now, with the constant innundation of mainstream media, are we learning about these incidents?

Me, I think that this is a new culture in America. Where did it arise from? Did people just wake up one day to a violent and murderous mass consciousness? Who woke up on the 'psycho killer' side of the bed in the morning?

All of this just leads me to believe that America is unraveling as far as a community and a country. We do not respect each other or each other's lives. A culture of violence has risen in this country since the 1990's, but the answers why fly by just as fast as a gunman's bullet. Perpetrators of these crimes nearly always kill themselves and so their motives go to the grave with them, leaving us unsatisfied as to only guess his motivations. The Columbine killers left behind mountains of motive evidence: videos, diaries, school projects and web sites all proclaimed their intentions, sometimes even a year before the Columbine Massacre. But now, these new psychos just commit their crimes and we are left to ponder why.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I hope she never sees those pics, she may not want them posted on the internet. Luckily, only 4 people ever look at this blog.

On a side note, the only way to stop rampaging maniacs, terrorists, etc., is to fight back. If one person would have fought back perhaps 3 or 4 could have been saved. Easy for me to say, but unfortunately it's true. How else can a person with two handguns kill 32 people? I don't expect people to have the courage to fight back, but it is the only way to stop people like this VT guy. The police couldn't get there in time, (but at least the police rushed the place right away (unlike Columbine)).

The only reason why I say this this the way to stop maniacs is because they don't stop on their own, they have no mercy, and they will just keep killing until the police come. If people could try to fight back they may get killed, but they would be heros to countless others that may be spared. United 93 is just one example of what fighting back could do. Did they get into the cockpit? Who knows, but they certainly stopped the plane from reaching its destination. Like I said, it's easy for me to say, but from a tactical standpoint it seems like the only way to stop these people. I don't know. It's all such a shame.

I feel awful for the parents, the student, the entire campus. It's a nightmare.

As for your blog Figs, you are of course right on point. Why should a person kill others just because they are sad and angry? Do the world a favor and just kill yourselves! These people are obviously insane and they have no concern for human life.

I think guns are also a problem, but society in general is going down the shitter. It scares me that my kid is growing up in this world, not to mention the fact that the enviornment is fucked.

Regardless, that chick was hot.

How was Amsterdam? Where are the blogs from that trip? I expect to see some fucked up poetry or something you wrote while there appear on this blog.

Figgythemick said...

Exactly, three people besides me look at this blog.

And internet exposure is the least I could do to Lisa, at least I didn't publish the naked pics of her! Maybe I will one day so you guys can all whack off.

Amsterdam is good, I have, however, conquered marijuana. Which is a little depressing to me. I think I'll go to Starbucks and shoot 50 people.

You are totally right about fighting back. If I ever see a gunman I am throwing something at him, then rushing him and once I get a hold of his head and neck I am driving him to the ground and twisting with all I got. If his head doesn't pop right off in my arms then I will shoot myself for being a pussy.

Seriously though, the gunman walks into a class of 25 people, he can't get all of you! Rush his ass!

If there were more Jersey people, like United 93, he would've only killed 3 or 4 in that room.

Fear not, Amsterdam debauchery will be posted. I got a head cold from all the germs in Holland, Germany, NJ then Colorado in a two-day time span.

Formerly known as Fake said...

I want to see the naked pictures dude! What else were you talking about in that comment.... oh yeah, I am looking forward to the Amst. stuff. (And the naked pictures)