Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Moth (Hand of God)

I was driving home in the rain
the falling drops streaked like pain
as I ruminated my 'bad' day again
and again

I felt something graze the top of my head
but kept singing Springsteen instead
of checking out that which hit me and fled

'Dancing In the Dark'
became stark

as the moth's wings flutter by my ear
the lyrics meaning revealed clear
And as I was near the moth's fear
and sudden as a chest full of spear
my hand did appear

grabbed that moth by his wings
and just as Springsteen sings
how he gets up in the evenings
and comes home in the mornings
I hold all this moth's alarmings
and drive

Toss him out a minute later
his struggle mighty theater

and I realize that's like the hand of God grabbing me
laughing at my life and dropping me in Germany

I am awash
in what I did to that moth

no way to get food
no way to find his brood

Just find a light
and live your flight
hold it tight

1 comment:

fake said...

I liked that one, it was good. (Not just because you incorporated Bruce)