Monday, August 27, 2007

One of my new favorite shows...

I have to tell you (and by "you", I mean the one person or imaginary person that reads this blog), one of my new favorite shows is called "Dexter" and it's on Showtime. Granted, it's not new and the second season starts on Sept. 30th, but I just rented the first season on DVD and it's pretty fucking entertaining.
I like the idea of a show about a serial killer who kills other serial killers and/or people who are bad motherfuckers. It's very entertaining, and at most times, funny. Sure, it's not "Seinfeld" funny, but it's fucking funny in its own way.
Basically, and I've only watched 8 or 9 episodes so far, the main character is called "Dexter Morgan" and he was adopted by a cop named "Harry" after Harry found him at a crime scene (haven't see what the crime scene was yet, but supposedly it's part of the reason why Dex is so fucked up. Harry noticed that Dex was not normal and had urges to kill things (started out with animals) so Harry channelled this craziness into killing people who deserve it. Harry taught Dex how to pretend to be normal, fit in, kill and not get caught, etc. Harry's bio daughter turns out to be a cop, and she and Dex are as close as possible (considering Dex is "empty" inside and doesn't feel normal human emotions). Dex and his sister both work for the Miami Police Department, she is a cop and he is a forensic analyst. The other characters are pretty interesting too, there is a hot-headed cop who thinks Dex is fucked up and creepy, an honest cop who likes Dex and has secrets of his own, his boss who wants to bang him (female), his girlfriend who also wants to bang him (to which he finally did and he was able to provide enough emotional attachment to keep her around) and other assorted types he comes across. The main plot line involves another serial killer that seems to be far superior to Dex, and he is trying to find that guy, but that killer knows everything about Dex. The killer "The Ice Truck Killer" turns out to be a creepy dude who makes prosthetic appendages. Of course, the killer and Dex's sister are dating, so that part is lame, but whatever. The other plot line obviously follows Dex's murders and how he chooses his victims, etc. That is my favorite part. I definitely find myself rooting for Dex, even though he is a creepy son-of-a-bitch. The show makes it impossible not to like him, which I think is pretty cool all things considered.
Obviously, the show is completely unrealistic and there are some plot holes, but every fucking show is like that. I mean, I watch "24" for fuck's sake, so I don't have that much of a problem with shows that are so far from reality they make "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" look like fucking CNN. Regardless, it is definitely worth checking out. I'm looking forward to the last 3 episodes, I want to see the "Ice Truck Killer" get chopped up by Dex. I wouldn't mind if Dex's sister gets fucking slaughtered as well, because she is so fucking annoying. (Oh, I guess that is one of my other problems with the show, but I guess it's just her character).
Anyway, you can rent season 1 and my wife is talking about getting Showtime so we can watch Season 2. I don't know, it's cheaper to rent the DVDs at the end of the year then spend 10 extra bucks a month to get Showtime.


Figglesworth said...

Yes, Dex sounds like a classic sociopath. The really dangerous ones don't appear to be. But they are missing a conscience. That part of the brain that screams, "This is wrong!' when you are dismembering an innocent puppy. Sociopaths don't feel that, sceintists directly link it to early childhood trauma what that does to brain development.
TV, however, is geared towards the lowest common denominator (e.g. Leroy the Alabama mechanic and his wife and 9 kids) so it is usually so far beyond worthless that even static is better written.

Did you see Zodiac? I heard a lot of so-so reviews but I watched it over the weekend and enjoyed it. THAT was one fucked up motherfucker. Psychos are scary.

fake said...

Dex is textbook, his mother was chainsawed to death right before his eyes and he sat in her blood for 2 days, starving, before the cops found him. (So was his brother, which leads him to be a serial killer as well). And yes, he feels nothing when he kills or in everyday life. I think they capture the emptyness pretty well. It is a great show. I watched the final episodes last night and it was very entertaining (including laughs).

Anyway, I heard Zodiac is pretty good. I agree that Psychos are scary. I don't know how people can do it. I think dealing with the begging of the victim would be the worst part. Shit, I can't even kill an animal. I think that's almost as bad, because animals are innocent. I think anyone who kills dogs is fucking nuts, including Michael Fucking Vick (asshole). Dogs help blind people, old people, traumatized people, etc., and they ask in return is a treat and a pet. Yet people raise them to kill one another and kill them if they don't perform. Insane.

Fig said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the dog thing. I watched Mike Vick's apology and I bought it, it almost made me feel bad for him and forget about those wonderful loving loyal animals he mistreated so badly.

And for me, hurting animals is even worse than hurting humans. I don't even kill bugs I don't have to.

I would say that seeing your Mom and brother chainsawed to death in front of you when you are small could very well cause you to become a sociopath.

See Zodiac, it is worth it. They just don't develop their characters very well, which I couldn't give a shit about anyweay. The pace of the movie is real good and there are some parts that are downright creepy.