Monday, April 7, 2008


I am reading the book "Into the Wild" and am only about 70 pages in but I can't stand this fucking "Alex" guy. What a loser! First of all, the idiot gives up money and gives his 24K to charity then he has to fuckign work at McDonald's so he can make money to go on his stupid "oddessy" and/or survive. What a jerkoff. He should have kept at least 10K of the 24 and then he would have more time to go on adventures and he wouldn't have to waste time working. Dumb fuck.

I'll tell you what, that old guy who basically fell in love with Alex was fucked up for sure. The guy must have been into young kids because 1) he "adopted" Jap children for some unknown unexplained reason and 2) he basically gave up God/religion because "Alex" (hereinafter referred to as "JO") died and he couldn't understand how God could let JO die. What???? Does Herbert the pedophile really think that God is so awful he let a stupid fuck with no survival skills on a death wish die just to prove He doesn't exist? I can think a few things in the 90s and prior thereto that were worse than that God allowed to happen. (Some would say the Holacust, any of the World Wars and/or Vietnam, I don't know, pick a fucking nightmare). But no, this one freak who almost definitely smelled like shit on a daily basis dies and old Herbert gives up on God. This guy must have wanted so suck JO's cock so bad he was blinded by his love. Shit, the old fuck even gave up living in an apartment because of JO. Bizarre. People are fucked up. To be honest I'm glad "Alex" is dead, he was too annoying to live. I think God was doing the world a favor. I just wish JO was eaten by a bear like that other fucking idiot Grizzly Man. There's another stupid fuck that deserved to die (his "girlfriend" was just as dumb but probably didn't deserve to get mauled to death - the only living being that didn't deserve to die was the bear, who was being a bear at the time of the attack).

That being said, maybe I'll change my mind by the end of the book.

Go Mets.

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Mr Accountable said...

Hey, my real life initials are JO! Or JSO...

It's not important; I'm glad someone is sorting through all these books and movies because I spend my spare time watching football and snooker at Shanghai GSports on SopCast. GSports is part of a regional Chinese cable provider that rose in competition with CCTV as the country liberalized. I caught Euro 2008 and Celts-Lakers Games 1 and 2 on this.

Thanks again for keeping track of all these important movies. Please don't tell my film professor that I've developed an attitude towards the cinema.