Thursday, March 1, 2007

Along the Breaking, Lapping Edge of Los Angeles

I walked with friends along Venice Beach at 1 am
Along the breaking, lapping edge of Los Angeles
In the sliding traction of soft sand

I stood
Before the voluminous expanse of the Pacific
Under the night's legion of purple-undersided, ocean-rolling storm clouds
Caught in the soft power
That has compelled humans for thousands of years
To stare contemplatively over bodies of water

Mumbling metaphors excitedly
To a steely blue-eyed blond beside me
Her hair straight and long, wispy down between her shoulders
Her demeanor was softer than I had ever seen it
Perhaps melted by the magnificence manifesting before us
The force of the ocean, indifferent to my moment of spiritual consequence

I thought of the life that paddled in it

Out there, under there, somewhere
Things transparent

Sharks dart
Frenzy below the whitecaps' constant coming advance
Then retreat, advance then retreat
Barracuda backs sure to gleam with the dawn hours away

We wait, safe on the shore, sneakers half-sunk in sand
While the planet spins
Racing to rise the sun from an indistinguishable horizon

Hunks of washed up, soggy kelp
Lie along the miles of beach
Like dead litter a passed over battlefield

Distant silhouettes of friends
Before a rocky outcrop, their conversing carried softly on the light, cool ocean breeze
A skylight searches the low-hanging atmosphere
As a distantly spaced line of helicopters fly straight in
Headlights popping from the Neverness of the Pacific sky
The silhouettes of street-side palm trees stand black and tall
Cutting sharp shapes into the backdrop of the purple, city-hovering cloud cover


Anonymous said...

I like it. I feel like I'm there.

The Overfloater said...

Thanks buddy. That's an old one, 1998 or 1999. I'll throw a fan Appreciation Day, for you, my only reader.

Can you partake in my vice of choice yet, now that you no longer work for the government? Will be in Jerz April 1st, no foolin'.

fakey said...

I will definitely try to partake in a golf outing. Like I said, I have a trial scheduled for 4/9, but that may get moved or settled prior to that. 4/11 may be tough if I am in the middle of a trial. I'll know more as the time approaches.

Fakey Esq. said...

Ooooooooooooo, I know what you are saying, you aren't talking about golf!!!!!!!!

No, I don't think so man. I never got into it. To be honest, it really doesn't appeal to me anymore. How dumb am I though? ha ha