Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Comic Relief

OVERFLOATER must give out his props, exclaim his respect
for the best quarterback who displayed what I didn't expect

self-depricating to the end, he hammed it up on Saturday Night
Live from New York and much to his many fans' utmost delight

came a United Way commercial where kids he pegged
in the head, in the back, and despite how they begged

on he commanded, "Brown,Razor. Pink, watch the blitz!"
and the audibles and hand signals the kids completely missed

So he shouted in their faces, "Do you want to lose this game?"
and, "Go to the port-a-potty, you suck and you are to blame!"

he sneered at one kid, "I don't even want to look at you."
and after the game he taught them how to steal cars too

Then he became Ted Trimble- refined, college basketball guru
for ESPN, whose 63-2 tournament picks was some Vegas voodoo

As the skit played on, the host had an unusual way of expressing
Texas' first-round tournament exit as "pulling a Peyton Manning."

and Peyton, as Ted, replied, "I don't get it. What are you saying?"
to which Bob said, "his glorious stats equate post-season deflating."

And Ted, as Peyton, got mad, "Peyton Manning is an amazing quarterback."
Citing an example Bob replied, "Yeah,...like this year's Arkansas Razorbacks."

At which everyone but Ted had a good laugh
even the lowly cameramen and studio staff

and Ted stood and stormed off of the set in much dismay
and even my Peyton-hating girlfriend had to honestly say

That was some funny shit


Fakers Inc. said...

Good one Miggles the Fourth. Like I said, I wish I saw it, those two skits sound funny. I'm sure the rest was a nightmare though, as SNL usually is.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

The one skit with the NCAA was pretty funny but it would have been much funnier if it were before he won the SB. It almsot didn't make sense now that he got that monkey off his back.